5 Important Things to Know About Small Business Term Loans


Learning how to run a business can take years. One of the things you will want to learn about as a small business owner is how small business term loans work. A small business term loan can be an important tool you can utilize to grow your business.

Thing #1: Generous Lending Amounts

A small business term loan can be as small as a couple of thousand dollars or as large as a quarter of a million dollars. With such latitude in the amount that a lender can provide you with, you can take out a small business loan for just about any amount you need to help your business succeed.

Thing #2: Used for Business Expenses

A business term loan can be used for a wide range of business expenses. In most loan applications, the lender will want to know what you want to use the loan for and how it will benefit your business. So, you will need to have a solid plan in place for using the money; you can't just ask for it without any justification as to how it will help your business. They are going to want to see how you plan on spending the money.

Thing #3: Reasonable Repayment Plan 

With a small business loan, you are usually given reasonable repayment terms. It is common to be given anywhere from one to five years to repay your loan, depending upon your loan terms and the amount of money you borrowed. One to five years is a reasonable amount of time to repay a business loan without putting you under financial strain to make your payments.

Thing #4: Quick Approval

The approval process is usually pretty quick. It isn't instant but you don't have to wait weeks as you do with a mortgage for a home. Many lenders will get back to you quickly. It is not uncommon to get approved or denied within a week for a business loan as long as you submit a complete application with all the correct information.

Thing #5: Low Costs

A small business loan generally offers low loan costs in terms of other lending options. The annual percentage rate is usually reasonable and not high like it is with a payday or quick cash personal loan. Most banks will also charge some fees for setting up the loan; be sure to keep an eye on how much these loans will cost you.

If you have a small business and you need money to expand, a small business term loan can help. Contact loan providers to learn more. 


19 March 2021

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