This Is What Happens During The Bail Process


When you need to post bail, you want to do it quickly. This means that you can speak with a professional to ensure that you can move through the process as quickly as possible. This ensures that you do not get caught up in the process.

Posting bail does not have to be complicated. Here's what you need to know about posting bail with a bail bond agent.

Bail Will Be Determined by a Judge

The first thing that happens in this process is that a judge will set bail. This typically happens during the arraignment, which takes place soon after an arrest. Your bail will depend on a number of factors, including the severity of the offense and the perceived "flight risk" a defendant may have.

The Defendant May Request Lower Bail

Next, the defendant can request that the bail is lowered in certain situations. For example, somebody who cannot afford bail or who has family members that cannot afford bail may prove to the judge that they have ties to the community, including a job or educational goals that will keep them in the local area.

Bail Bond Agents Can Bail the Defendant Out

Whether or not your bail is lowered, you or a loved one can speak with a bail bond agent to secure bail. The individual will pay the bail bond agent a non-refundable fee to secure your freedom. If the fee is too high or the risk is deemed too high, the individual may be asked to put up collateral, or personal property, as well.

The Defendant Must Return to Court

If the defendant is able to bail out, they can continue living life. They must return to court for all hearings, and they must abide by all the judge's orders, which could include minimized driving or even house arrest.

You Will Receive Collateral

If you or a loved one put up collateral when you bailed out, you will receive the collateral after the case is over and you are no longer required to return to court. The owner receives collateral whether the defendant is found guilty or not guilty.

Call a Bail Bond Professional

A bail bond professional can help you through the next stages of getting out of jail so you can be at home until it is time to take your case to trial. Call an agent today to learn more about your options with bail bonds.


5 February 2021

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