Bail Bondsman


Arrests are not an emergency that most families plan for. It is common to have insurance and other pre-planned solutions for emergencies that may happen. Spouses and family members may truly not know what to do in the event of an arrest. Receiving a late night or early morning call informing that bail has been set can be extremely unsettling. Here are ways a bail bondsman can assist the family during this challenging time. 

Determining if working with a bail bondsman is right for you

Looking for local bail bondsman service can be done quickly. Unlike other service businesses, the bail bondsman has systems in place to quickly move closer towards getting a loved one out of jail. Working with the bail bondsman and giving all known information is important. This includes mentioning if they have gotten into trouble before or currently on parole. Friends who are bailing someone out of jail may not have all their correct information. Reaching out to their family is often the best way to obtain their full legal name if it is not known. This opens communication to discuss how the bail will be paid, and if any assets will be used as collateral. The bail bondsman service has a specific fee that will be charged that is given upfront. 

Understanding Costs

When selecting a bail bondsman, do not immediately look at the price point. Bondsman with a great deal of experience and resourceful staff members often have a higher cost. A lower-priced bondsman, or those who promote selling points of being cheaper, often are not. A bondsman's lower price point is often reflected in receiving a lower quality of service. 

Collateral like cash, commercial or residential property, vehicles, and jewelry are accepted. Always be open about what other options are available for payment. Work directly with the bail bondsman after being bailed out if anything changes. Any run-ins with the law or legal correspondence that is troubling can be brought to the bail bondsman's attention. Attending scheduled court dates on time is imperative for staying out of jail. If there are unavoidable circumstances that prevent attending a court date, the bail bondsman can reach out to the court system. Their main purpose is to assist in preventing a loved one from going back to jail before the matter that was charged has a court date to be addressed. 

Reach out to the bail bondsman with any questions or concerns to move a loved one's issue forward. Use these tips when hiring the services of a bail bondsman. 


28 September 2020

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