What Happens When Two Bail Bond Services Attempt To Post Bail?


If you have a loved one who has been arrested for a crime, you will likely want to do everything you can to get him or her out of jail quickly. However, you might wonder what will happen if another family member has tried to bail your loved one out of jail. For example, you might have a son who has been arrested and his wife might bail him out of jail. Regardless, you may still want to contact a bail bond service.

Only One Bail Bond Agent Can Post Bail

A defendant might have two bail bond companies working with him or her because each party wants to feel helpful and doesn't want their loved one to remain in jail any longer than necessary. 

If you attempt to post bail and the courts discover that bail has already been posted, they will find out which bail company posted bail first. This will be the bail that the courts will accept. The other bail will not be accepted. If you paid a bail bond fee, the fee should be refunded by the bail bond company. Your loved one will be released from jail and will not have to return to jail unless he or she loses the trial.

Make Sure the Bailee Follows the Rules

Even if you haven't bailed your loved one out of jail, there are still things you should do. An individual who has been bailed out of jail will need to check with an officer periodically. Your loved one will likely not be allowed to leave the area unless he or she has received a special exception. 

There might be restrictions placed on whether your loved one can use drugs or alcohol. Failing to follow this could lead to the bail being revoked and your loved one being sent back to jail. Make sure that he or she is submitting to any necessary drug tests.

Sometimes, courts might place restrictions on the purchasing or possession of firearms. If your loved one will be staying at your home, you may also want to remove any firearms from the home. 

Bail might be set with the understanding that the bailee won't contact a specific third party under a no-contact order. No-contact orders are typically put in place to prevent the defendant from tampering with a witness. There might be other requirements set by the court, and it's important to make sure that your loved one follows them.


27 April 2020

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