Learn More About Lawsuit Funding


If you are the plaintiff in a lawsuit and you are paying your lawyer on a contingency basis, then you may want to learn more about lawsuit funding for plaintiffs. This funding will help you to have money while you are recovering while you are going through your case. Some of the types of cases that this funding can be used during include vehicle accidents, many types of negligence cases, wrongful imprisonment, medical malpractice, and many other types of cases.

If you aren't very familiar with this funding, then you should make sure you read the questions and answers here to learn more, so you will know if this is something that you may be able to use.

1. How do you know if you may be eligible?

If you are involved in a lawsuit currently or you have just settled one and are just awaiting your payment, then there is the chance that you will be able to obtain this funding. Start the process by contacting services like Lance Capital Group, LLC.

2. Are there any fees you will need to pay upfront?

If you decide to take advantage of this loan then you won't have to worry about paying anything toward the funding upfront. You also won't have to worry about making any type of weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly payment plans. How this type of funding works is you won't need to pay anything back on this funding if you end up losing your case and this means that you won't have to worry about being out any money due to obtaining it. The only way you will pay it back is if you win and then you will pay it back after you have received your settlement payment.

3. Do you need to pass a credit check to be approved for the funding?

You don't have to worry about the fact that you don't have a good credit score when you are deciding if lawsuit funding is something that you want to go with. This is because your credit score won't be reviewed to see if you are eligible.

4. How do you pay the funds back?

When you receive lawsuit funding, you will draft an agreement with your attorney. This agreement will spell out the terms and conditions of the funding and this includes information on how the funds will be paid back and what the associated fees will include that come with the acceptance of the funding.


11 December 2019

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