Bail Bonds And Domestic Violence Charges


It can happen before you know it. One minute you and your spouse are having yet another argument and the next moment you are in handcuffs in the back of a police cruiser. Make no mistake about it, being arrested for domestic violence is a serious matter. Unfortunately, law enforcement will take the word of an alleged victim of abuse without question and often make an arrest on the thinnest of evidence. You will need to do everything possible to get free from jail so that you can plan your defense and that means bail. Read on to learn more about handling bail after a domestic violence arrest.

Are You Eligible for Bail?

Bail allows the accused to get out of jail while awaiting their trial but the opportunity is not a given. Serious crimes like murder, rape, and domestic violence sometimes fall into the category in which the accused must remain in jail until their case is completed. Certain factors can make the granting of bail more difficult, such as:

  1. More than one domestic violence arrest in your past.
  2. Failure to obey bail conditions in the past.
  3. Serious injuries to the alleged victim (victim had broken bones, had to be hospitalized, etc).
  4. Alleged victim was pregnant.
  5. The accused threatened the alleged victim from jail.
  6. The accused resisted arrest with violence or fled from the scene.

When Bail is Granted

If you have no "priors" and are not determined to be a flight risk, you might be granted bail. If so, you can expect a number of conditions to go along with the promise to return to court. Usually, you must stay away from the alleged victim until the case is resolved. That means no contact of any kind and it might mean having to stay with a friend or relative temporarily.

Saving Money by Using a Bail Bond

If you are granted bail, the amount is sure to be high. There is no need to pay the thousands of dollars requested by the court, however. When you use a 24/7 jail bail bonds agency, you will end up paying only a fraction of the full bail amount and still attain freedom from jail. Once you know your bail amount, phone a local bonding agency for help. They will contact friends or loved ones who can help you pay the bonding fee and you will be free in a matter of hours. Speak to a local bonding agent as soon as possible so that you can begin to fight back against those unfair charges.


6 May 2019

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