The Consequences Of Missing A Court Date After You Get Bailed Out Of Jail


There are many times when people get arrested and cannot afford to pay the bond amount to get released, and many of these individuals will turn to a bail bond service for help. A bail bondsman helps by covering the majority of the costs of the bail money for the person who is in jail, and the bail bondsman expects this person to show up to court for every remaining hearing the person has for the crime. If this person fails to show up to court, here are the consequences he or she will face from this decision.

You Will Lose Your Bail Money

The first consequence you will face is losing your bail money. When you get bailed out of jail with the help of a bail bondsman, you must pay 10% of the bond and the bail bondsman pays the remaining amount. Not only will you lose the 10% you paid towards this, but the bail bondsman will also be after you to pay the remaining amount that you owe. If you had showed up to your court hearings, the court would eventually release this money. When this happens, the bail bondsman would get paid for the money used to get you out of jail. If you lose this money due to not showing up to court, you will owe the money out of your own pocket.

The Court Will Be Harsher on Your Charges

The second consequence you will face is the possibility of the court being harsher on you for the charges you are facing. Courts do not appreciate when defendants do not show up to court, and they will typically offer harsher consequences to people who do this.

You Could End Up in Jail Again

The other consequence you will face is the potential to get arrested again. If you fail to show up at a scheduled hearing for a criminal case, the court will issue a warrant for your arrest. This means that the police may show up at any time and arrest you, and this can happen just because you did not follow through with your court hearings needed for the crime in question.

If you inadvertently missed a court date after getting arrested and bailed out, contact a lawyer right away to talk to him or her about this, and you may also want to contact a bail bondsman about this problem too.


13 March 2019

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