3 Signs You May Be Able To Negotiate A Lower Rate With A Bail Bondsman


Bail bondsmen offer valuable services for those who are hoping to get bailed out of jail but who might not be able to afford the full amount of their bail bond. However, if you're having trouble paying the entire bail bondsman fee, you might be able to negotiate a lower fee with the bondsman. These are a few signs that you might be able to negotiate.

1. Your Charges Aren't Very Serious

For one thing, the charges that you are facing will have an impact on both how much your bond is set at and how much the bail bondsman will probably require you to pay in the form of a bail bond fee. If your charges are very serious, then you might have trouble negotiating a lower fee. If your charges aren't very serious, though, you might be able to negotiate for a lower fee.

2. You've Never Missed a Court Date in the Past

If you have never missed a court date in the past, then your bail bondsman might not be as concerned about the potential for you to not show up for your court date. This might mean that you'll be able to negotiate the lower rate. If you have missed court dates in the past, though, your bail bondsman might not be so sure that you will show up to court like you're supposed to. Because of this higher risk, you might have to pay a higher fee in order to have a bail bondsman help you.

3. You Have Strong Ties to Your Community

The ties that you have to your community can have a big impact on both how much a magistrate or judge sets your bail at and how much your bail bondsman will charge you. For example, someone who is just visiting an area — such as a tourist who might get arrested while visiting a vacation destination — might not be as likely to show back up for court as someone who lives and works in the community. Make sure that you mention any community ties that you might have to the area when negotiating with a bail bondsman. Letting him or her know about any family members that you have in the area, any property that you might own or rent, or anything else that might tie you to the community might give you more room for negotiating a lower fee when employing bail bond services.


27 October 2018

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