3 Ways A Checking Account Can Help Save You Money


In this day and age, everyone needs to have at least one checking account. A checking account makes it easy to spend the money that you have in your account, but the right checking account can also help you save money. Yes, that is right; there are several different ways that your checking account can help you boost your balance instead of depleting it. The good thing is, taking advantage of the right checking account to help save money isn't super difficult. Continue reading to learn more about how a checking account can save you money:

Always Look for a Free Account

It is not uncommon for banks to charge fees just to open up a checking account with them. While the fees may only be several dollars a month, it all adds up over the months and years. When it comes to opening up a checking account, always look for one that will not cost you a dime. Many banks will waive all checking account fees if you enroll in direct deposit or you keep your balance over a certain level. It is also possible to find a bank that offers free checking accounts with no strings attached, but they are not quite as common.

Don't Pay More Than You Have To on Bills

The internet has changed the way that people pay their bills. It is so easy to login to an account online, whether it is your electric account, water account, or auto insurance account, and make a payment. But many companies charge more if you pay with a debit or credit card. In some cases the card fee may be a percentage of the total bill, while in others there may be a flat fee to cover the card swipe fee. If you have a checking account, you never have to worry about paying more than you have to: you can put in your checking account information and the money to pay the bill will be withdrawn from your account with no extra fees.

Make Saving Easier

One of the great things about having a checking account is the fact that it can be linked to other accounts. One great way to save money without even realizing it is by opening a checking account and linking it to a free savings account. You can then set an automated transfer weekly or monthly, which will automatically move funds from your checking account to your savings account. Before you know it, you will have a nice chunk of change thanks to automatic transfers from checking to savings. 


4 September 2018

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